Saturday, 15 December 2012

Rely? Exams? Birthday?

sebelum tros membaca, jom selawat dulu.^^

Sabda Rasullah SAW : Barangsiapa yang berselawat keatasku sekali,nescaya Allah akan turunkan rahmat keatasnya 10 kali ganda - (hari Muslim.)

seperti biasa, saya ingin memohon maaf atas kealpaan utk lambat update blog ni smpai da berhabuk. salah satu sbbnya adalah Twitter. salahkan dia. ok. xd point. sebenaranya busy ckt lately ni. anway, wat have I been doing for the past one month or so dat I really wanna share with u guys is about?

1.pergantungan hidup dengan Allah
   During my family attachment sheme, where every medical student is assigned to a specific family and we need to explore about themselves, the illness and how they cope with it. One day during the interview, I was so inspired seeing how an Irish woman really rely on God ultimately.

 "what keep you strong after the accident?"
"I always talked to Him. I pray etc.."

See? how a non-Muslim pun sgt bergantung sepenuhnya kpd Tuhan. We as a Muslim perlu la berlebih2 lagi. its amazing that sometimes depa lebih mempraktikkan Islam itu daripada org Muslim sndri.
I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam.
— Muhammad Abduh
And what me even ponder myself like sometimes we only regard as supplications as the only means to talk to Allah, but when in fact its every single moment we can always talk to Allah. Make dzkir in your heart etc.Don't separate your "deen"-religion with your daily activities.

2. Live your live like an exam! 

Indeed our life now is like an exam- many challenges coming along the way. and the exam date we never  know exactly when! but it is CERTAIN that there will be one day that we will judged by Allah. so, are we prepared for the 'exams'? We never know when we'll be ready.

But along the way, we HAVE to make efforts to prepare for the exams. so that we won't fail the exams.but remember in mind that studying only would not guarantee you to score in the exams, but rather its the blessings from Him. and indeed all the strength come from Allah. so, always remember Allah in every thing you do..

P/S: that means you need to study hard and smart AND at the same time to rely to Allah only.

3. My 2nd birthday experience in Ireland.

Blessed with all the people around me, family, friends and most importantly to Allah. Alhamdulillah. =)
no words could payback Allah's blessing to us, and if we were to count His blessing, we would never be able to do that. This year my new vision is to be matured! to think like what Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh thinks. He was only 21 when he conquered Constantinopole!

lets learn from this great history and try to live up their strong spirits and faith! =))

Look at a bigger picture!

P/S: this sunday, In Shaa Allah we'll be going to have a trip to Berlin and Turkey to explore the world. dan mengambil ibrah kisah perjuangan Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh dan tenteranya.Doakan kteorg slamat pergi dan balik. =)

P/P/S: xsabar nk gne camera baru. my very first digital camera, first gadget after coming to Ireland.