Friday, 28 March 2014

My Isoc moments in UCC . =)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah..3 great years with unforgettable experience n memories despite the continuous struggle between academic n Isoc, but all I treasured them the most. the people in the committee for example taught me a lot on how to become a good leader; how to solve a conflict, the ukhwah among us n others are sweet.

I would like to say Jazakumullahu khairan jaza' to everyone who had contributed in the society be it people in the committee or the beloved Isoc members. May Allah strengthen everyone of us especially the new committee to keep on continue to do good to the society as a whole, muslims n non-muslims to spread dakwah. May Allah accept our good deeds. Amin.

I vividly remembered how I was suddenly elected in the committee in my first year by the nomination from Syaima. so unexpected because I wasn't actively involved in societies back in my prepation A-Level college,KYUEM or be it islamic society(because I wasn't dat religious). But, somehow Allah gave me the strength n opportunity to do gud in this platform; Isoc for 3 years.

Yes, unexpectedly I survived. Although it was really a tough call for me in this year because of the huge amount of work in university with the hospital attachments, GP attachments etc etc, Allah made me through this journey regardless of the challenges I faced. I didn't give up. When things are getting tougher, n I was in doubt whether to continue or to stop in  middle, Allah gave me the strength to keep hang in on. Even when people saying "you r doing too much work, just stop!" I knew from that moment: No it's a definite answer. because we will never be enough doing good work even if we think we r. because just imagining the so called burden that we are facing now is incomparable to the burden faced by our pioneer seniors in Isoc in setting up the society. or when we think in a bigger picture, our own Prophets; their obstacles n challenges in spreading Islam are way more difficult than us.

Therefore, I learnt to always challenged myself to be better n to remind me that I am just the continuer.

Somehow I regretted a bit knowing that I haven't really polished my juniors committee dat much because I struggle between becoming a good manager and a good leader. A good leader is the one who can build more leaders in the future not just followers. There's still huge amount of improvement I need to learn . But I have huge trust that they are capable doing that. May Allah ease n strengthen them all.

I also reflected upon my involvement in the society. being older shouldn't make you any superior to others. older just means maturity in terms of experience but not superiority. The only One that can have the superiority above all is only Allah Al-Mutakabbir(The Greatest). the intention must be pure.

Hence, I would like to apologize for any of my shortcomings. It's been a great pleasure n blessing to be in Isoc. Alhamdulillah. =)

On a side note, today is a beautiful day for me because I felt  happy being appreciated for the small good deeds I did. not to boastfully tell that I am good, but I just wanted to share the happiness being appreciated by others. I then recognized that's why we are continuously reminded to thank Allah for everything that He gave us. I remembered once Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan remind us to be the people of Alhamdulillah; to thank Allah n praise Allah. =)