Monday, 28 October 2013

Too busy?

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Harapnye sume berada dlm limpahan rahmat Allah.. =)

Its been almost 2 months eh? time flies very fast.. and most of the time, we get too caught being busy with our routine n we tend to overlook many things which are way much more important. It's weird that we humans always wants more, compete to have more etc.

Just like what At-Takassur means, competiton in this world deluded you.
Your business keeping you distracted from remembering Allah.
A more detailed tafsir from Nouman Ali Khan available here for reference:

beautiful tafseer of surah at-takathur by NAK

This thought in me came recently after doing some self-reflections, looking back at the act, the type of conversation with housemates, the way we study etc. A simple advice from the tutor that taught us injections this morning;

"Talk to the patient, ask about the drug allergies etc. You need to get the bits n pieces to build a jigsaw puzzle. Don't get yourself so busy without communicating well with patients.. And a gud doctor is the one who can diagnose before getting the results"

So, the key point here is not just about communication but rather the quality of the work. The same thing apply when we study so hard for this particular subject like pathology, and we found the question in the exams is so -----speechless---- and suddenly this question appears in my head;

what went wrong? What have I done?

ai'mal yaqin vs ainal yaqin vs haqqal yaqin

yaqin: higher form of knowledge, solid conviction, absolutely convince with something(ie death), not just knowing it.

ai'mal yaqin: believing without seeing it
ainal yaqin: believing it after seeing it
haqqal yaqin: believe after seeing and feeling it.

I ask myself and each of you to ponder what we are doing; muhabasah frequently so dat our routine will have deeper meaning with blessing;barakah. May Allah accept our deeds.

"To err" is human and our gold is not to seek perfection but to always find way back to Allah. =')