Thursday, 31 May 2012

lets learn Arabic!! =)


teruja sgt td mse bce post Husna n terjmpe this one website which teach Arabic language from basics till advanced!! cer usha ni CLICK HERE

siap ade lagu2 lg, seronok! hehe..xcaye? tekan book1,DVD1PartA minit ke 39..comel sgtttt..Dr Abdur Rahim serupe mcm tok wan!! rindu la plak..

lyrics: when we say dun its marfu, when we say dan its mansub, when we say din its majrur..therefore?dun2 dan2 din2 [3x]

Set a certain amount of Qur’an that we must read, regardless of the circumstances, every day. Make sure this amount is in a language that we understand. If we can read Arabic and understand some of it, then read the Arabic but also read a translation. Allah (swt) revealed the Qur’an in the language of the Arabs for them to understand it so that they can live by and be transformed by it. Thus, read it in a language that will impact your life, and do it daily. From 20 pages to only 1 verse, do whatever amount you can do consistently and stick with it because the Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) taught us that the best actions are those that are small, but consistent (Bukhari).

Arabic Glossary for beginners

wa- and
ma- what? (for things)
man -who (for human beings)
haza- for things yg jauh
zaa- that (things yg dkt)
Al -The
na'aam- yes
 laa- no.

smbil2 dok pronounce, tbe2 ter-reflect mse kecik2 dok blaja ABC, 123 ..betapa besarnye rahmat Allah ajarkan kte ape yg kte xtau kn..SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah..=)

96:95 : 96:5 
                                                             Taught man that which he knew not.
simple tips
  • if ye make an effort, Allah will make it easy for ye, n vice versa.
  • the more u read n write, u will be stronger!! learn hard! 
  • dun blame yourself or feel bad if ye felt its hard, always repeat it. u will get it eventually insyaAllah.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tariq Ramadhan and Family Day.=)


Alhamdulillah, peluang2 tarbiyah di bumi Shamrock ini tersedia luas, tggl dri sndri nk x nk je join, atau cari..baru2, ni ade launch Zaki Badawi Collection by Prof Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University, one of the leading Muslim intellectuals and writers in Europe. FYI, Tariq Ramdhan is Imam Syahid Hassan al-Banna's grandson..
Zaki Badawi founder of the Muslim College in London made important contributions to the development of British and European Islam. In addition, he was a strong advocate and passionate practitioner of interfaith dialogue.
my favourite (tp bkn mse launch tu)..=)

"Never worship knowledge! But, rather use the knowledge in order to worship Allah better. Have a critical approach, critical thinking, asking deep questions, spiritual intellegence, avoid ego conflicts, seek knowledge not for money, ego, postion etc but to worship Allah. always ask wat's your intention?"

We are not reading enough, you have books you don't read.(ouch) .

                                 Recite in the name of your Lord who created -

1. confident (don't react rather be calm)
2. consistent
3. communication (eg: organized debates not just about Islam)
5. creative
6. contestation ( say NO! when you are not agreeing with the wrong act of government)
7. compassion (spread love around you, spread salam, keep positive)

Family Day

PPMC( Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork) bwk kteowg g Icydoney Beach kat Cork..angin kuat gle smpai  terlayang2 dibawa arus ribut pasir..hehe..serious2..but overall we had fun sambil tadabur alam, melihat awan yg biru, merapatkan ukhwah, menikmati BBQ ayam, kek batik Ain yg sdp, dan mcm2 lg..hehe..Thank you PPMC. =)

himpunan belia 2012
P/S: kek coklat dicampur dgn 0.0000001 g taik cicak, sanggup ke kte mkn? euuwwwwwww..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Castlewhite Girls' Night and kayaking!! =))


curik pic instagram ain..hehe

so as planned from months ago nk wt macaroons, nk wt macaroons tp xwat2 sbb cm xd mse n mls...ahh..alasan..anyway, so Alhamdulillah we managed to become the host again utk wt macaroons and potluck together!! hehehe..da bole msk competition Come Dine with Me weh..hehe..confirm mng! haha..

thanks a million to all the Castlewhite girls : Ain roomate, Ain Arifin, Zack, Nasrah, Farahin, Jue, Teya, Kty, Avina, E von .=)

with all the things we had, not all la sebenarnye tp Alhamdulillah jd!!! nyummy2!! n all the other potlucks are super awesome too.pasta bolognese, gulai msk lemak cili api, pasta goreng, jemput2, tangye'en, donut,  n MACAROONS!!!!!! hehe..n xd la ssh pong nk wtnye cuma bahannye agk mahal di situ =)


  promote Ain's youtube channel.=)

then, we (Ain n tph) as the host came with this awesome idea to play Werewolf!! ehehe..random gle je tp mmg fun yg tahap main mcm professionals..haha... 

mcm sume jd lawyer dri sndri aka utk defense dri sndri,    
"its not me la! im an innocent citizen..(wat muke seposen)"

criminal justice lawyer aka yg tuduh u r the werewolf! can be anyone including the werewolf sndri. 
 "u r the werewolf!! no2, i think its Ain, or maybe Jue? but not me ok!!! hahaha.."

and we learn a lot even from this simple, we must not focus on the problem but focus on the solutions aka think out of the box! like really! take into consider all obvious and hidden cues..don't juz simply tuduh owg lain without having the proof. hint? look closely all the possible werewolf faces and observed them! hehe..always trust your first instict! n yeah, above all we get to spent our time together to break the ice which have already melted into ABC or Cendol.ahhh..*drools*

ketika ini penulis sedang mengalami 'kayak lag' rse seakan2 msh dibuai arus air, cuba balancekan diri..

n today we went kayaking at the Cork Harbour!! bez!! very gud exercise for your Lattisimus Dorsi muscle n wrist, to balance yourself, lead yourself in a gud directions bukan msk shore, bkn langgar tembok 2 kali *bang*, bkn hmpr tersangkut kt boat lain, bkn langgar2 kayak mbr lain etc..hahaha..n when I think back, indeed its true. everyone is responsible to lead their own 'kayak' to either follow the right path or not. its your own choice! to go right, left, forward, backward or to fall?

but then achievement yg plg besar ialah we all (12 girls) xjatuh pong...hehe..hbt x? ( kening kiri naik mcm Ziana Zain) =))

Monday, 21 May 2012

bulan Rejab datang lagi..alhamdulillah..=)

Assalamulaikum dan hi,

kalau kowg sedar, xlama lg nk msk bulan Rejab which means xlme lg nk Ramadhan then rayaaaa!!! hehe.

.......Hari Selasa ni bermula 1 Rejab, jadi esok malam (Isnin) adalah malam 1 Rejab. Imam Syafiie rahimahullah berkata, ada 5 malam dalam setahun, Allah SWT bukakan pintu langit, salah satunya adalah malam 1 Rejab....

...Jadi, esok malam, perbanyakkan doa mudah-mudahan Allah ampunkan dosa kita, memakbulkan doa kita pada malam 1 Rejab. Antara lain yang kita boleh lakukan dalam bulan Rejab ialah, banyakkan Istighfar, minta ampun daripada Allah SWT. Yang paling bagus sekali Istighfar disebut sebagai "Sayyidul Istighfar" bermula dari esok malam. Bulan Rejab dikenali sebagai bulan Istighfar

 Bacalah Sayyidul Istighfar (Penghulu Istighfar):

(Rasulullah bersabda: “Sesiapa yang membacanya dalam keadaan yakin pada waktu petang, lalu meninggal dunia pada malamnya, maka dia akan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga. Sesiapa yang membacanya dalam keadaan yakin ketika Subuh, lalu meninggal dunia pada hari tersebut, maka dia akan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga.” Riwayat Al-Bukhari)

dan banyak lagi amalan2 Rasullullah amalkan masa bulan Rejab ni..cer tgk link roomate bg ni :amalan bulan Rejab ..jom sme2 istiqamah insyaAllah..=)

ok.tuka topik jap..hehe..

so, I was fb-ing n suddenly this thing striked my friend Naomi Lazaroo kwn sek. ren. now studying in UK, n she was commenting one of my other friends status. then she commented :
Yup. I've grown out of relationships anyway. Hassle + I think if they are interested they can speak to my dad first, lay down the contract terms, state wat we want and get to know each other.
kagum x?? pliz ckp yes! hehe..ok .for me, myself am amazaed. how she really believe on the love after marriage. because some of us (muslims) even think like love after marriage is so not cool thing. at least that's wat I thought of before. blame all those jiwang2 movies..arghh..

anyway, so ques is that, wat about us? do we believe in love after marriage?? jeng2..

nantikan entri seterusnya selepas exam BH esk.hehe..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

mother's day ..=')

"Assalamualaikum, mama Happy Mother's Day! for us everyday is a mother's day. tq so much atas kasih syg yg xputus2, sume nasihat, doa mama xhenti2, ketabahan mama jg kteowg berlima walaupun diuji dan diuji, u hav always been there for us. tatkala kami x sihat, mama berikan ubat, tatkala kami x ckup duit, mama ckupkan, dan segala-galanya,maafkan kami ats segala slh silap kami dari kecik jika tersinggung hati mama, jika wat mama sedih.t.kasih atas segala belaian kasih syg mama pada kami ma. we love u with all our heart. i may have not been the greatest daughter, but u have always been my greatest loving mother always in our doa.hanya Allah saja berhak membalas segala jasa pengorbanan mama pd kami. take care ma..i miss u so much...=')

Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda : Setiap pagi sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada kedua ibu bapamu.(xkira masih hidup atau tiada) nescaya pintu rezeki akan terbuka luas untuk kamu.

a slightest change in my emotion, u are the first person to detect it ma..whether it's a happy moment, or sad moment. u always understand me. u calm me with all your words of advice even so, mama the first one to panic ble tau anything wrong with her sons and only daughter. she is the first person to wake up, cook for us, and so many things u have done to us mama.. mom's cook is the best ma! rinduuuuuuu not just the food but the chef too..your tears of happiness is most valuable moment for me ma..

everytime i woke up seeing your pictures peluk nopah mse baby with that priceless smile makes my day. i could still recall the time we had daughter mother moment (borak2) kat dapur msk sme2..(tlg siang sayur je pon..hehe..) gi shopping sme2 even dari kecik your taste is always the best ma! hehe..

counting days mama..lg 26 hari!! woot2!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

PS I love you? hehe..

Life is full of wonders that have not been proven by humanity. The global integrity of the existence of Homo sapiens makes me curious about how life is created. How the zygote with a size of 0.3 micrometre in diameter soon developed into a foetus of 48 to 53 cm in length, when born?
         From this mystery, there is an unwavering determination and persistent thirst for knowledge in myself where I believed commitment to life-long learning is crucial in my future medical studies. Furthermore, I have always held great respect for the gift of life. Hence, to make it possible for others to fully live theirs is a gift in itself.  
              I believe that genuine concerns for patients and level of perseverance to strive in the pursuit of knowledge and harnessing it for the benefit of Mankind are essential in medical field. I am looking forward to studying in an international setting of diverse backgrounds, to be a better, well-rounded asset to my community.

tengah dok2 belek files kat laptop terjumpe plak personal statement aka PS yg telah diedit buat ke juta2 kalinya. n then it makes me think yg how grateful I should be! to be given this opportunity to study in Ireland, well not to say other places are not good but the fact that to continue studying tu pon satu nikmat yg besar sebenarnye which we sometimes take for granted. especially ble mcm face any difficulties, challenges or problems or homesick? hehe.. how those words written should potray who I wanna be as a good Muslimah doctor InsyaAllah..

im coming home!! xsbrnye nk g merisik! hehe..=))
these little things that we called nikmat should always always kte syukuri, sbb once kte x acknowledge them, nikmat tu akan, everytime kte rse mcm down ke ape, reflect back, think deep..why should we give up when Allah never gives up on us kan?

then it came across my mind smlm mse dok dga radio (searching something soothing/useful to hear) n then dpt channel SPIRIT radio ala2 IKIM versi Christian. sje dga2 n topik dia cte psl a woman suffering from breast cancer n how she survived from those difficult moments. n she was saying one thing that she said whoever hold on to God, God will always help them.siap last2 tu dia pesan kt pendengar seek God's words because His words are on top of everything.

and that one thing that strike my mind is tawakal!! n then it makes me think more that why should I not hold on tight to Allah sbb kalau dia boleh aku mesti la boleh jgk!! rahmat Allah itu Maha Luas..

65:3: Serta memberinya rezeki dari jalan yang tidak terlintas di hatinya. Dan (Ingatlah), sesiapa berserah diri bulat-bulat kepada Allah, maka Allah cukuplah baginya (untuk menolong dan menyelamatkannya). Sesungguhnya Allah tetap melakukan segala perkara yang dikehendakiNya. Allah telahpun menentukan kadar dan masa bagi berlakunya tiap-tiap sesuatu

P/S: 31 hariii lagii....yeay!!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

inspirational words! ='))

Never give up on Allah, coz Allah never gives up on you.

“I am as My servant thinks I am. I am with him when he makes mention of Me. If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better than it. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed,” (Hadith Qudsi, Bukhari).

terharu, terpegun dan terkesan dengan semangat jitu this man yg walaupun serba kekurangan tp still kuat! even mse dia jatuh pon, dia bangkit blk walau susah mana pon..

if you will fail 100x dun ever give up hope.because its not the end. 
you will find the strength to get up again. 

tawakal adalah keajaiban hidup.
manusia kne yakin bahawa di atas segala usahanya adalah kuasa yang lebih besar Allah swt.
yakinlah kepada Allah..yakinlah Allah adalah satu-satunya tempat bergantung kte. As-Samad..
doalah, mintaklah, mengadulah pada Allah apa2 masalahmu, resah-gelisahmu, kesedihanmu dan segala-galanya.kerana Allah Maha Mengetahui segala isi hatimu walaupun yang tidak diluahkan sekalipun.

Doa selesai belajar
"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku menyerahkan kepada-Mu apa yang telah Engkau ajarkan kepadaku. Maka kembalikanlah (peringatan) semula kepadaku apabila aku memerlukannya dan janganlah Engkau menjadikan aku melupainya. Limpahkanlah selawat kepada penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. yang memiliki cahaya untuk menghilangkan kelupaan dan limpahkanlah rahmat dan kesejahteraan kepada keluarga dan para sahabatnya."