Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mistakes are your best teacher

Alhamdulillah for everything.. for the good that make us happy, for the bad that makes us stronger n hopefully brings us back to You. Alhamdulillah for the good health, for the supportive family and friends that we are blessed with and for every single thing that happened in our life.

So, our final exams just finished today. Hopefully, everything will goes well and we will all graduate together In Shaa Allah and become a great doctor to the ummah...Aminn. keep on praying for everyone...Smoga Allah cukupkn ape yg kurang..Aminn..

Today I'm so happy to get Mr Na*m as my examiner for short case surgery. not that I could answer every single question, but the fact that he taught me so well during the attachment in Clonmel.. the best teacher whom at first I thought would be so pushy and strict, but it all end up to be the best experience to me. because it's preparing myself to be keep pushing myself to always improve my knowledge. admit your mistakes.. I still remembered he said in one of the short tutorial along the corridors after the ward rounds, he asked questions. and when we couldn't answer it properly he will scold as just like a father scold her daughter. and he said;

"Don't be afraid to make mistakes now, so that you know it now before you realised it in the exams". "You need to speak up, Latifah. or else people would not know what you know. so keep practising talking to your friends" "Clarity of your words show the clarity of your mind"

I can get intimidated easily especially when there's someone else better than you. I became inferior. but, then I realised, there must be reasons for everything that happened. everyone that we encounter in life is actually for you to learn from them. you can choose to either become passive or active learner. to remind yourself how little you are, and the ultimate Knower is Allah, Al-'Alimm..

"Berbaik sangka selalu dgn Allah" pesan abh everytime.

True indeed. Positivity and hope are the most important thing in life as a Muslim. ble rse sedih, anxious, doa byk2..zikir n selawat selalu..sbb tu sume permainan syaitan nk bg kte rse doubtful, but we need to always remember Innallaha maana (Allah bersamamu). Don't let your fear overcomes your faith.

Last but not least, now I need to clear up all the stuffs, do some proper plans for holidays etc. counting days for mama abh dtg Ireland.. yeay..can't wait to be reunited...hopefully, I'll bring good news to them.. take care everyone. I wish you all best of luck for those having their exams especially all the 4th years. =)