Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Some updates. =)


Selawat dan salam pd junjungan Nabi Muhammad SAW. Alhamdulillah ats segala nikmat yg Allah kurniakan pd kte sume. baru perasan setiap tahun semakin bekurang blogpost, dari memula 76 sampi 3 post je utk 2016! haha..So, here's some update for ye. campur satu, dpt la 4. kiki

It has been almost 4 months since I said goodbye to Ireland. missing everyone, every little moments spend together kt Ireland, magnificent scenery and everything that could not be expressed by words. kemain rindu.. Alhamdulillah, I have graduated on the 27th May 2016. Words can't described how grateful I am after checking the results. Because every medical student would know how hard, intense, mentally, emotionally and physically draining course it is, to go through every little test, to preservere until the end, to still hope for the best when you have doubt on yourself and every other struggle that only Allah knows.

For my dearest friends who are still struggling to finish their final exams, I wish you the very best, May Allah grant you perseverance, patience, strength and sabar to go through this final hurdle in this part of the journey. Cikit je lg tau. Stay strong and keep it going. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah. Same doa goes to all the final meds..besar da korg sume, nk jd doc da.. Keep calm and do your very best. Help each other and doa byk2 dgn penuh pengharapan pd Allah. Allah Maha Mendengar.

Back to the updates, so before my parents and I went home, we went to a few places in Ireland, London and Scotland. It was just a short trip but it's full with important lessons in life. Because it's a different experience to travel with your parents compared to your friends. Not saying I don't enjoy travelling with them, but it has different story and struggles in it's own, which I could sum up into my elder brother advice: Sabar seperti mana mereka sabar jg kte sejak dalam kandungan hingga besar ni. Syahdu plak.. But, I am glad they enjoyed their trip.


Since we just stayed for one night at London, we just went to the sightseeing tour around London naik hop-on hop-off. Visited Big Ben for the first time, naik river cruise, tgk Tower Bridge of London, visited Buckingham Palace and some other places.Last stop p Trafalgar Square and skali ade Open Air Orchestra free admission.. best sgt tgk dorg perform. Mlm tu, Qasim my cousin and his wife, Nawal bwk kteorg dinner at Burger and Lobster near Soho London. actually, den yg request! haha.. .abah terpikat dengan kesedapan and freshness lobster dorg. sedap and recommended!


The next day, we took train from Kingscross to Edinburgh Waverley. We really enjoyed the scenic view along the way. lawa sgt. ni bukti. hehe..Kat scotland and London, we stayed in Travelodge. sgt selesa and at reasonable price. We then walked around Edinburgh city and took the hop-on hop-off jgk. bus bwk jln2 smpi Edinburgh castle and all the interesting places in Edinburgh(xingt da nama tmpt dia). For lunch, kteorg mkn buffet makanan Pakistan yg sedap. abah puji beriyani and kari dia.

Alhamdulillah syukur for everything.. Jazakumullahu khairan jaza' (May Allah reward you with goodness in abundantly) to everyone especially mama abah, abang2, saudara-mara, housemates, friends, seniors, juniors, teachers from SKTRJ, SMK KGV, KYUEM, UCC, all the doctors who taught us and all the patients who contribute a lot to this humble journey.Thank you so muchh..=smoga kejayaan di dunia ni lebih membawa diri dan ummah dekat kpd Allah..Aminn.. =)
Blk je cork, rehat, went to graduation dinner and graduation ceremony the nest day tu. All ready, capturing moments of happiness with family and friends. Settlekn kotak shipping and amek translated degree kt Brookfield. terkenang2 jgk memori dari first year jln kaki p Brookfield.

Going to Ring of Kerry for the fifth time makes me falling in love with Ireland even more. Then, we went to Cliff of Moher with Paddywagon tour. It was a day trip for each place and very convenient kalau mls nk drive around. lpastu, jln area Cork city je, beli some souvenirs and we flew back home.

Currently, kt umh baru je lps interview SPA last wednesday. Quite relieved it's over, hopefully dpt posting awl. xtau nk wt ape da kt umh..hehe..nk jd cikgu tuisyen xapply2 lg. ahaha..cuma, ade la tlg2 mama abh jg ank buah..part time babysitter and full time daughter. hee.. Some simple tips for those yg akn interview:

1. Prepare resume and other docs as early as possible.
2. READ current issues, revise your medical knowledge. Very important to cover Zika, denggi in and out and cover the main topics in your interest.
3. Practise speaking. (kalau spe xbiasa cm I ni)
4. Doa and tawakal. Dress well and be confident.
5. Research and keep on searching. I just as a guide start from applying sijil sementara MMC, KKM until interview SPA. really detail and very informative

Sharing my questions during the interview [LTD 6 Seremban]:
1. Why ireland?
2. In what way do you think msia should follow ireland in terms of the healthcare system? Diff between msia n ireland healthcare system?
-I said psl pharmacist dispense meds etc in Ireland. So, dato' tu keep on asking in msia who should dispense the meds, pharmacist or doctors? Why? Dia mcm argue yg pharmacist pn know their job and bg scenario:

"Patient came with cough and she asked the patient is it wet or dry cough? (meaning ade kahak ke x?) konon mcm provoke la pharmacist know their job too."

I answered, "That's true, but only doctors know about the disease. for example the cough could be due to TB, asthma and other serious condition which only doctors can rule out safely. Hence, doctors should dispense the medications in Malaysia. Bla bla bla"

3. Posting yg plg suke/ minat utk further specialize? Why?
4. Case scenario sbb pilih O&G:
As a first poster HO, patient dtg with 10 weeks pregnant comes with vaginal bleeding. Wat you gonna do?hx, differentials, mx?
5. Kalau 3rd trimester comes with vaginal bleeding, ape ddx and management?
6. Stress reliever?
7. Why there are many male O&G now?
Kdg2 dato tu provoke ckt2, so kne stand firm la.. Anyhow, in shaa Allah baik2 je..All the best sume

Till then, there goes my 4 months updates. Take care everyone. =)

p/s: kenal untuk cinta