Tuesday, 14 June 2011

scary photo at prom!

                 Remember about the previous post on how happy I am at prom? well, the feeling turned out weird this evening after I saw this picture when Almaz uploaded it.

               Do you saw the two red circles? it seemed like two female heads between Eju and me. and the weirdest part is I cannot recall a moment that someone( two person) is actually standing behind us closely when we are taking this picture. Even though that night was busy and crowded with people, but it just could not make sense that there were actually two females standing right behind us! as if they were trying to interframe? hmm..

                 Or is it just a coincidence? maybe it's a reflection of light? huh?! ok,stop it!or maybe its me thinking too much or being chalet alone tonight since all my other chaletmates are into some programs. I really need to sleepover someone chalet's tonight!


  1. tombol pintu kott .. pemegang tangga tu kot ...
    haha .. take care cik Pah .. =)

  2. sume owg ckp tu mmg kepala owg.huhu..=/
    take care jgk cik izzati! =)