Thursday, 22 March 2012

seriously what do you understand?

today, like always ciara n me chat about everyday life-house hunting for next term etc ..then I was reminding her about her assignment where she wanted to interview me about my religion, and then she was ya, we can do it now (while she was preparing dinner for her boyfriend)

so, I was reading the questions..all are answerable but I get stuck for the first question: what one aspect of your religion that you love/appreciate most?

in my mind, (thinking which one I should stress on?hmm) then, I answered the concept of one God, where we submit ourselves totally to Allah..and I wanna elaborate more but I couldn' I end up repeating the same point.( mcm interview medschool yg ble kau xd idea, so kau goreng je point previously cuma tuka ayat?

then, I was eating my tuna sandwhich in my room, thinking about that situation where I was weak in telling her the beauty of Islam.its like macam yes you believe in Allah but why can't you tell others about your own understanding of practicing Islam in a convince way?maybe understanding and telling are two different things? but still if we don't understand, we surely cannot tell others well?? or maybe its juz the one thing where I should improve on: my knowledge, my vocab-about Islam and all...

yes, it sounds simple but how far have we improved from yesterday, perhaps last usrah we attended, or maybe since the day we are born to become a muslim? hmm..(something to ponder for myself too)

the rest of the questions are like these, perhaps a gud idea to think of juz for your own reflections on your life as a muslim :

2.what is the one aspect that you disagree with your religion?why/why not? you have your own choice to choose your religion?if don't are you pleased with your religion now? you have any difficulty practising your religion in ireland?

in a nutshell, take one moment to think and really think .its the one of the thing we should do more often!


  1. yeah yeah. something we take it for granted. sometime muallaf kefahaaman dia lebih tinggi sebab dia gain Islam tu sendiri. never mind THOUGHHH. SOQ

  2. yeah2..sme2 kte berusaha keluar dari comfort zone pemikiran "aku islam sbb mak bapak aku islam"..