Monday, 18 June 2012

Movies eh?

alhamdulillah, I'm back at seremban, home sweet home!! after 17 hours of flight Dublin-Dubai-KLIA, yeah I'm finally home after 8 months!! after 8 months not seeing my family for real (minus SKYPE) now I can hug them for real!! wuhuuu..excited ok.

n guess wat I managed to watched 5 movies in a row one after another. I am you, One Day, The Vow, This Means War, Albert Noobs. n my fav are I am you and One day. Awesome, brilliant.(minus off scene part la ok)

I am you- cte pyscho , very suspens thriller .a true story about a girl who is depressed bcoz lack of love from parents, lack of support from friends, low self-esteem n etc n she turned up to have a grudge towards that so-called perfect girl who is her neighbour sndri. so, she planned something evil which is ....jeng3..but eventually family of the victim found out.

so, despite tgk movie for the sake of isi masa lapang, I guessed we have to really learn the lessons from fully optimize the experience, time n film so that boleh mengambil ibrah dari cte tu, ye dok? is the second most important thing after total submission to Allah . so, we really need to appreciate our family, mak ayah, suami isteri, anak pinak, cucu cicit n etc.

2. grudge/hasad dengki is so bahaya in our life where we should try to avoid it in every way we can.

Allah berfirman: Jika kamu memperoleh kebaikan, nescaya mereka bersedih hati, tetapi jika kamu mendapat bencana, mereka bergembira kerananya. (ali-‘Imran: 120).

Rasulullah juga berperingat dalam hadith yang bermaksud: “Hati-hatilah kamu daripada hasad dengki kerana hasad dengki itu akan memakan semua amal kebaikan sebagaimana api memakan kayu kering atau rumput kering” (riwayat Imam Abu Daud). grateful for who you are , for what ever you looks etc bcoz everyone is made special by.their own unique way. I guessed we have to appreciate this nikmat and make the most out of it n try to improve it yeah? but first thing first we need to recognize our flaws before we can try to improve it yeah?

4.depression should be seriously addressed n thus should be detected earlier, so need help n support from the society-family, circle of friends, media, police, neighbours n etc. budaya jaga tepi kain orang is a good thing in a way ble anak jiran tuh mcm perangai dia da lain, jiran lagi satu tuh perlu la tegur or at least make it known for that family.

so far, there's a lot of of it we moved into a new house at wilton area near Cork University Hospital, 20 mins from campus early june haritu. byk kne jln woo..haha..xpe2, exercise bguih na..

secondly, 17 June 2012 was a special day bcoz it is my abah's bday, Father's Day and Israk Mikraj. apparently mama wanted to do orange cake, then I say "xpe la, biar nopah wat". so, I made it , n alhamdulillah it turned out delicious. hehe..resipi bgs tuh..

P/S: Alhamdulillah, first year berjaya diharungi dgn jayanya.second year, a better year InsyaAllah.

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