Saturday, 7 July 2012

ada ape dgn ireland? =))

Hari ni seronok, dpt reunion kt kenduri kawen kakak firdaus ..konvoi smpi 5 kete. .pergh..Ina, Amira, Ayu, Syila n bf, Azfar. ble la aku plak nk drive ni, asyk jd penumpang je..huhu..harus melakukan anjakan paradigma .come on mak tok bole, xkan cucu dia xbole, ye dak? yes, mak tok den still drive lg. teringat mcm kt ireland, ramai sgt owg2 tua ni masih gagah drive, commute etc.

so, mcm bese ble da lme xjmpe, soalan wajib mbr2, family, sedara mara : mcm mne ireland? bez? slang dowg mcmne? cbe ckp ckt? mknan halal sume sng nk dpt? n a long list to be written. dan aku dgn jawapan ala kadar: bez jgk la. owg2 dia friendly etc. n then my mind went blank! (xkan bru blk sat da lpe troih en?)

therefore, I guess its time for me to really tell people wats gud n bad about ireland, as in wat is the best experience I've learned so far, travel around Europe, their culture, their environment , the people and a long list to be written.(minus talking blindly about winter being so sejuk n jawapan bez jgk la tu xbole terima-nmpk xbersyukur) bkn ape, xmo la bgge dri ke ape, tp I guess we shud assimilate their gud points to our country perhaps ourselves right so that our journey of studying kat negara owg ni will be an invaluable experience.

lets have some craic lads! [craic:fun]

they say language is the medium that unite people, that define you, your country.n yes, in Ireland, they also have their own language minus English. its called Gaelic. most of the tv shows, news are in Gaelic. its different from English in a way its more fast? or shud I say the locals speak really fast ! its like bulletproof! but as time pass, you will be [grant:ok].

friendly! honest confession. they are really helpful, xkisah nk tunjuk jln ke ape, even smpai bwk kte g tmpt tu. the guys are gentleman too.hold the door utk owg blakg..its like their culture of being nice to people. not to say, the culture of quieng up n waiting for others utk turun bas dlu etc.bkn budaya merempuh mcm kt lrt msia.sorry to say.
9 months staying with 3 irish housemates making me realise that they are very gud in keeping healthy. less sugar, less salt, less oil.or if I wud compare it with msia.less means minum teh, owg msians akan letak 4/5 sachets of gula in a cup, but irish don't.they juz drink tea with juz one or even none. so healthy right? [but not enough taste, sorry to say, I'm a true msian!] n yes, the strawberries are so lovely n cheap. thats the heaven of living in ireland! but on the cons side, seafood like fish, udg, ketam, siput sedut ka, sotong ka mmg mahal laa....kalau da kempunan sgt bru la beli, itu pon yg frozen je..nk dpt yg fresh mhl berjuta2 la..xdapek nk, mkn la puas2 sementar dpt jmpe sume tuh kt msia kwn2.hehe..

disebabkan currency euro is 1Euro=RM4.00, haruslah berjimat-cermat.beli yg mne perlu.maklum la nt kne byr 20% blk, so, kne la beringat dari skg. tp ble time winter mmg bez, winter coats sume lawa2 n murah jgk kalau ade sale , tp kne pandai cari la. but honestly, I wud say msia lg bez shopping. hehe..especially, tdg2, selendang, blouse etc. kat ireland ade je tp like I say kne pandai cari bru jmpe yg bez or else you will be depressed having seen your blouse shrinks, fade in color etc. or perhaps Im juz being too tight on my budget.but hey xkan la nk beli blouse one for 50 euro? which means RM2OO? kalau boots ke xpe jgk.heeee..investment kot.pahala tau beli baju/tdg niat utk tutup aurat. janji jgn boros n membazir.

clean. they practise xd plastic bags .kalau nk kne byr. so people kne bwk their own shopping bag la. gud for the env. bcoz plastics need thousand of years utk degrade. kesian bumi kte ye dak? n one thing special about cork, depa xd bangunan tggi2 mcm KLCC etc sume bangunan comel2 je. tp if dublin ade jela yg tggi. but that does not make it not special, sbb ireland or shud i say cork ade tmpt2 landscape yg menarik.waterfall, cork Harbour etc but honestly aku blom g lg tmpt2 mcm Killarney, Kinsale tu sbb bz travel tmpt jauh2 la katakan.(amboi, poyonye) xd la..mmg nk g, tp lg bez kalau g dgn tetamu kn? signal utk owg dubin, birm, london, belfast etc turun cork tau!

Alhamdulillah, another bez thing living in Ireland/UK is that u get to travel around Europe for a gud price. can be so cheap if you are lucky enough. mind to plan your trip in advance with your friends. food, transportation, accomodation, places to visit. as for us, when we plan our Spain trip tu, mmg sume kne cooperate, give ideas, making wise decisions etc. but serious its one in a million experience when we get to travel to countries especially like Spain where once became Islam empire.but hey, learn the history too to get the aura, not just simply snaping pics.

and a long list to be written. enough for now.will update it later after a year with more wise view..InsyaAllah..

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