Monday, 1 October 2012

little piece of advice.

sorry for d delayed post, didn't get internet at home since thursday ago.

since my arrival, days have been full. mula2, teman junior g city tour and quite occupied with the activities organized by Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork for the 1st year juniors. I guessed this little contribution is just a little gift of appreciation for them just like what the seniors have been doing for us. =)

The same week, there's a Discover Islam Week at Imperial Hotel in cork city. My friends and I attended the talk about "Concept of God in Islam, Christiany and Hinduism" by brother Imran who is a very experienced in comparative religions etc. it was a really informative and interactive, where non-muslims get the chance to ask what is in their mind about Islam. eg: how and by whom Quran is written?

farahin(housemate) and me.=)
and wat I learned from that other than renewing my iman is that we really need to communicate about Islam to others, to clear their misconceptions so that khilafah Islamiyah itu dpt ditegakkan! so, we need to read Quran and to follow it.

"When you're saying about Quran being so universal on how u we should rule the world in terms of economics etc, why almost all the Islamic countries are listed as poor countries in the world? [in other words why muslims are poor?]" asked by an Irish non-muslim.

Brother Imran answered because "most muslims don't follow Quran in their life."

sentap tros!

so here, I'll just list down the other pieces of advice(tambah2 ckt) from a dakwah training by Brother Imran which I attended at Brookfield, one day before the talk.

  • If you left Quran, Allah will left you. =(
  • "Kul" -Katakan, say it to non-muslims
  • We need Allah, Allah give opportunity to us to spread dakwah, to contribute for Islam.
  •  Don't beg, be bold and optimistic when spreading dakwah
  •  Change yourself, or Allah will change you until your children don't know about Islam in the future
will update my other stories later. =)

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