Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Don't jump off the bridge!!

Don’t jump off the bridge!!

Mr. D is a 63 years old single divorced man living in G* for 6 years was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is a civil engineer and used to work as a Math teacher in Africa. He described himself as qual(extreme distress of body and mind) with his feelings. He felt sad since he and his ex-wife divorced. He believe in community and saying that his stay in G* helped him to feel better with himself, to do some washing up, keeping the bed tidy and now he cook himself Vegan diet. He has had insomnia years ago and need to take sleeping tablets but still feel foggy in the morning. Now, his sleeping patterns have become normal although he is feeling tired most the time lying in bed. Nevertheless, when asked about what he enjoyed most, he said singing, going out to the city and writing a book. He felt that by writing a book helps him to express his feelings. He divorced in 1991 and had 2 daughters each 27 and 28 currently living in Scotland with the step father. He left Scotland because he was rejected for his project. He has applied for the Cork city partnership employment for people with disability. He finds drinking Ginseng tea help to boost his energy. He currently on Lithium, Epilim(sodium valproate), Serase and folic acid. No known drug allergies. He smokes 10-15 cigarettes per day for 30 years but trying to stop twice using Nicorette but unsuccessful. He is a binge drinker. There is no relevant family history of psychiatric illness. His father died at 73 years due to cataract complications during surgery and his mother died at 83 years of old age. All his 3 brothers are well and only one married but no children. He said he grew up in the argumented family with shouting to each other, mom being loud is the dominant one in the family while his father being a quiet one. He felt happy when his father put his hands around his mother’s waist but felt sad afterwards when his father put his hand away. He was good in school and very active when he was young. He is vulnerable with fighting environment like when he was in Belfast. He attempts suicide to jump off the bridge after following a crazy guy advice but fortunately he is saved by a couple after they rang the ambulance.  I advised him “if there’s one thing you can remember from this visit; Don’t jump off the bridge!”. 

This was my report for the visit but actually it was more fun and scary than what it seems. hehe. well at first, he welcomed with a warmth smile but afterwards when I start asking questions his face went blank and furious at some times and I don't know how to respond. I act normal and try to be natural. After a brief introduction, I asked:

Me: How r u feeling today? 
He: I feel nervous meeting with someone from one side of the world with different culture. HAHA. 

And then he start mentioning about Islam. and I asked what does he know about Islam? 
Misconceptions: Men are treated better than women. Quran is written by Prophet Muhammad. Islam is about war.Overwhelmed by the misconceptions, I tried to explain generally that there are not right. Suprisingly, he reads quran and finds it is poetic and many strories inside. 

While asking about his life, what makes him feel sad, one hypothesis I can come out is most of illness rooted from family breakdown;divorce. "I felt happy when my father put his hands around my mother’s waist but felt sad afterwards when my father put his hand away." He finds himself vulnerable in a fighting situation when his mom shouting at his father. 

And then when he told about his daughters, a light of hope appeared. I treasured them the most especially my youngest. She makes me laughed and tickles me, not physically. hehehe.. And when asked what makes he feels sad? He said "When I know I'm not going to meet my daughter for 12 months" . T.T At that moment, I picture my father in my mind and heart that I showed him the picture of my family in my tablet at the end of the visit. so personal. haha.. 

Few feedbacks from him that makes me feel much more confident: You have a very good eye contact, not like a psychologist who only jot down everything he says without looking at me! You know eye contact is the part of healing" You make me feel comfortable." =)

Trying my best to give dakwah to the people I met. And apparently, he is a very nice man. =)

Praying that everyone who is afflicted with any illness will recover by the healing of the Healer,Allah. =)

And when I am ill, it is He who cures me. Surah As-Syu'ra:80

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