Sunday, 31 May 2015

Short trip to Scotland and plans during summer

Assalamualaikum readers,
Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Alhamdulillah, the exams just finished 2 weeks ago and we are still waiting for the results to be released soon. Hopefully, everyone will passed 4th year and move on to final year. Aminn. teruskan berdoa dan berusaha..

So, this time actually xd ape yg nk update sgt cuma rasa xsabar nk blk Msia sgt2, nk peluk anak2 buahku Safiyya and baby Adam yg msg2 da nk msk 8 bulan and 3 bulan respectively. bole la kot wt developmental milestone kt depa nanti..hehe..(so medic).

Actually, terkilan ckt sbb tahun ni xdpt travel jauh2..asalnya nk p Prague, Czech tp apakan daya ade MARA clinical crash course plak..It was indeed a wake up call sgt! so, xjd..then, plan p tmpt yg plg murah flight ticket which is Glasgow. So, Teya and myself went there for 3 days and 2 nights. We stayed in the St. Enoch's hotel which is strategically located in the centre of Glasfow city beside St. Enoch shopping centre. highly recommended! good service and comfortable beds, Alhamdulillah.

Day 1:

Jalan2 kt Glasgow city via hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour sbb xwt proper plan before tu since last minute plan je nk p Glasgow ni. tp not bad jgk tp in the middle of the journey sejuk plak. dgn angin sejuk..ade 28 stops overall kt main attractions yg dia bwk tp kteorg tak turun pn in any of the stop sbb bajet nk p on the third day or ptg ckt nt. tapi, harapan tinggal harapan, blk hotel tertidur lena since seharian before tu xtidur sbb flight awl pg kt Dublin. mlm plak layan drama DILB. kuikui.
feveret hero, Raden Amzar. =)

Day 2:

Jln2 kt Edinburgh. we took the morning train and jmpe my petsis in Sapphire kat KYUEM, Hani..catch up stories with her after 4 years not seeing each other. seronok...n Hani bwk g jln2 kt Edin..sume within walking distance je which is very convenient. makanan halal plak merata2 ade, kiri kanan jalan. Mosque Kitchen punye nasi beriyani and curry chicken mmg uhmmph! Among the places we visited were Edinburgh castle, Camera Obscura, Edinburgh central mosque, Royal Mile road, Ediburgh university and Calton Hill which is a must place to go since it is one of UNESCO main heritage in Scotland.

Cantik and peaceful je ble layan nature..sambil tadabbur alam merasai alam yg berzikir pada Allah, rasa tenang sgt..walaupun hujan je that day, but it was worth it to enjoy the scenic view on top of the hill. Subhanallah..then, seronok jgk dpt knl2 dgn one group of students from China and Korea yg in the first place mintak tlg amek gmbr. then before blk, smpt mkn dessert kt satu kedai ni along the main road..mkn strawberry dessert and lovely macaroons..nyum2..menyesal xbeli byk..haha..(tamak)

Day 3:
All day long shopping je keje, since Glasgow famous with it's tourist centre of shopping attraction, second famous from London. jln punye jln smpi nk tercabut kaki, hujan plak tu kejap2..serius weather dia mcm cork..ahah.. Alhamdulillah, dpt beli souvenirs ckt utk family tercinta..beli yg ade SALE je..murah sgt, 7 pounds for a decent t-shirt.

Summer 'break' plans:

  1. Study  Medicine, O&G, Paeds, Surgery everything..Biiznillah..
  2. Elektif O&G kt Hospital Tuanku Jaafar. 
  3. Do some analyzing for research project
  4. nak try revise blk Arabic from Bayyinah with NAK yg da tergendala berbulan lamanya
  5. family bonding time dan ehmm2..(bajet2 je)
  6. read buku agama, dengar ceramah agama.
ckp la setakat tu. hopefully dpt la istiqamah dgn plan ni. Amin..=)

p/s: counting days. 5 days to go. =D

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