Saturday, 6 August 2011


one of my favourite scene in 500 Days of Summer because it teaches about destiny;

script :Tom gets up to leave.

You know what sucks? Realizing that everything you believe in is complete bullshit.

What is?

Destiny, soulmates, true love. All that stuff. It's nothing more than silly childhood fairy tale
nonsense, isn't it? God!

Tom, don't go.

I should have listened to you, Summer. You were right all along.

Summer takes a beat to let this hang there.

I was right?

And then, out of nowhere, she begins to hysterically laugh.

What? This is funny?


Tries to stop but it only makes it worse. Now's she's completely cracking up.

What are you laughing at?

And she can't stop. She's totally lost control.

(trying himself not to LAUGH) 
You're a crazy person!

Tom! You're the crazy person!

What are you talking about?!

One day I'm reading a book at the corner deli and this guy sits down and starts asking about it.
Now he's my husband!

This is funny to you?

What would have happened if I went to the movies instead? If I went
somewhere else for lunch? If I showed up to eat ten minutes later?
Tom, it was meant to be, just like you said. And as it was happening,
I knew it. I could feel it, sure as the sun.
And I kept thinking to
myself "Holy shit. Tom was right."
You were right about all of it.
It just wasn't me you were right about.

Tom is speechless. Summer takes his hand. We may notice her wedding ring. 
We may also notice that this is the same exact shot as the first scene of the screenplay. 
We hold it for a few seconds more. And then, the hands separate.
so, it's all about destiny! sejauh mane pon kte da usaha kalau xd jodoh, xkemana jgk..
sbb tu sume ketentuan Ilahi..jd, jom doa utk dpt pasangan yg soleh/solehah..=). 

P/S: rindu separuh hidup la..

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