Monday, 8 August 2011


sometimes people expect too much from you. even your own parents, friends, siblings and most importantly yourselves! yes, I admit I set high expectations on myself to be better in all aspects. sounds ambitious? yup..haha..and sometimes you just expect too much from a person? including your own family members, and friends. so, in other words expectations for me is like a give and take but in their own version la..its either for good or for worse.

scenario 1
a mother scolded a little son of how meticulous he was when washing the dishes because he let one of  the favourite plate broken into pieces. so, of course the son will feel so sad kan? and maybe horrified depends on the angry tone he received. haha.. well, on the other side if his mother wasn't that strict I bet she will just say "adam.....don't do it again please..." haha..

scenario 2
abah: nt adk fly ble?
anak: ntah sept kot...tggu result dlu bah...=.=

scenario 3
adik: weh, tolong r picit kaki adk ni, sakit kaki la..
abang 1: bg ak 20 ringgit..
adik: ala...15 la pliz..
abang 1: 100 ringgit la..hahaha.
adik: fine mcmni r..=.=
adik: weh, tolong r picit kaki adk ni, sakit kaki la..
abang 2: haa..meh sini..mne yg sakit?
adik: ni bwh ibu jari ni..=)

scenario 4
(monolog dalaman diri antara yg baik dgn jahat)
baik: bgn weh! da azan subuh tu..cpt bgn!
jahat: ala..awl lg tu...5 minit lg ak bgn la..
(at the end? baik ke jahat menang? nantikan episod seterusnye..hehe..).

scenario 5
(perbualan kosong dua orang kawan di cafe)
Aputs: weh, dreamgirl ko cmne?
Haputs: ahah..well, dia mesti kne pandai msk, kuat agama, pandai jg hati aku, sdp mata memandang, baik hati, hormat owg tua, rajin mengemas, tau menjahit and plg penting cun la! hahaha..
Aputs: walaweh... =0, dpt picture wat expectations is all about? hmm..ofkoz dpt kan? hari2 biasa pon ade expectations! on the bigger picture, lets imagine wat's Allah expectations to us? we meet Allah expectations? hmm..
so, to summarize maybe we should be realistic but optimistic at the same time to meet our expectations. and at the same time always think positive! so, wat's your expectations for tomorrow?? =)

p/s: nk wt cerpen, tp mcm xreti..haha..

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