Saturday, 18 June 2011

friends or foes?

                  Honestly speaking I'm not actually kinda person that show her emotional easily. or maybe I'm just a person that just sticks to certain people!people that makes me happy in life, people that would like to share my true feelings, my laughter, my sadness and even my deepest secret! that is what I called friends..I know its lame but I could not agree more about it.Its frustrating knowing someone that have grudges on you, someone that always envy you, someone that don't like to see you happy, and most of all someone that like to make your life miserable.

                    But now I do realized there are true friends out there and alhamdulillah I get to know them, learn from them and share the moments with them at KYUEM. But the true best friend is always Allah! Because He never fails you, never dump you when you are about to sink, never laughed at your stupidness, never make fun of you, never have a bad glance at you and most of all always trust in you. yes you!

                    Remembering all those moments, from the first week which is the induction week until now sometimes make me think people do changed, but some people just remained. hmm..I don't know why but sometimes my first impression isn't always right.the feeling of "ahh, sombongnye bdk tu", "ensemnye mamat tu", "baiknye dia" and so on. but sometimes the first impression can be true! oh well, why this post is too emotional ha? isk2..chill are what you think! Don't be suspicious! hmm.maybe I need something to be cleared in my mind.

P/S:I will post about EOS & Awards Day when I'm in the mood.


  1. ah tipahhh sombong ohhh tipah uhhhh!HAHA!

  2. haha..yela2..spe la sye..haha...