Wednesday, 5 October 2011

making decisions!

making decisions is so important in our daily life..from deciding to get up from bed or just sleep for another 2 hours, decide on what to cook for today, decide whether to follow plan A or B, decide on what topic to study n etc..there's a lot to decide everyday! so, how do we know that the decision we've made is the best??
well, we cannot know for sure, because only Allah knows the best for us!

but, its our responsibility to make a good decision! like are we going to join the party or stay in the room studying? or simply decide on quitting smoking? because we can actually differentiate between what's good or, we have to be good in making decisions! but how exactly we can do that?

1. pray hard that the decision we've made is the best for us
2.think for the pros and cons.but sometimes even this can be confusing..
3.follow your instinct perhaps?
4.ask for support from family members,friends-applicable for making important decision! like marrying someone?? haha..
5.think positive because we are what we think! not decide when you are not emotionally stable.

oh, actually I was not really a good decision maker myself, so these are just some ideas I can think.. huhu..last but not least, lets make good decisions in our life! =))

P/S: lama doe x wat entri mat salleh ni,..haha..da berkarat kot.

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