Friday, 18 November 2011

from dublin to charity week!

its been awhile since my last post yeah..the visit to dublin for 2 nights at umu,taemin n dura's house was indeed a way, the feeling of stress disappear completely from the moment dpt hug umu, dura n taemin..rindu kot..hehe..thanks to kowg especially umu sbb layan kteowg ni even kau ade exam isnin tu..n yeah dtg la plak cork der!!!!!
oh, mcm bese ape kteowg wt kt dublin?? woot2..haruslah shopping! haha..walaupun sebenarnye mcm kne jimat cermat sbb nk save duit p spain plak dec nt..but, umu punye skill persuading aku n ain mmg hebat smpai habes jgk la duit yg aku bwk..nsb bwk ckp2 je..blame to the lovely cardigans, flowy skirts, cheap coat, and shirts ..they are looking really ain beli lg byk..haha...basically, tu je kteowg wt  selain keeping up to date dgn dowg sambil memasak apple pie utk bdk2 stress nk exam tu..

then came this huge responsibility on me about charity week which starts monday directly after weekend kteowg blk dublin tu..nk x nk, kne pulun jgk la wt ROTA/schedule utk jg booth tu yg mcm err..2 booths from 9-4 everyday? ok..thats kinda impossible at first but after all those advice n suugestions from seniors we made it people! finally alhamdulillah..n I admit the job is challenging though..but its nothing compared to ujian owg lain yg sejuta kali lg, yakinlah setiap yg diuji tu besesuain dgn kemampuan kte..

thanks to all the support from the Muslim Cultural Society committee members, seniors, supportive batchmates, lecturers and the UCC community as a whole. couldn't manage it without your enormous support of buying our muffins, cupcakes, sandwiches, henna painting n attending the charity was tiring in a way .mcm feeling oncall seminggu sbb pg2 da kne p set up booth, blk ptg kdg2 bez je..

one in a million experience kot.soft skills! to deal with customers, to lead people and at the same time to be lead by others, to be a good listener, to make quick decisions, to be a good promoter, and most importantly to help raise funds for the needy children in Pakistan n Cambodia..another thing is to be open with critics and made it as a challenge to improve yourselves..and the list goes on..

the thing that made my week d most is not juz by the amount of money u collected but the satisfaction of being able to help. to help in the name of Allah..and to make a difference in this world insyaAllah..