Thursday, 24 May 2012

Castlewhite Girls' Night and kayaking!! =))


curik pic instagram ain..hehe

so as planned from months ago nk wt macaroons, nk wt macaroons tp xwat2 sbb cm xd mse n mls...ahh..alasan..anyway, so Alhamdulillah we managed to become the host again utk wt macaroons and potluck together!! hehehe..da bole msk competition Come Dine with Me weh..hehe..confirm mng! haha..

thanks a million to all the Castlewhite girls : Ain roomate, Ain Arifin, Zack, Nasrah, Farahin, Jue, Teya, Kty, Avina, E von .=)

with all the things we had, not all la sebenarnye tp Alhamdulillah jd!!! nyummy2!! n all the other potlucks are super awesome too.pasta bolognese, gulai msk lemak cili api, pasta goreng, jemput2, tangye'en, donut,  n MACAROONS!!!!!! hehe..n xd la ssh pong nk wtnye cuma bahannye agk mahal di situ =)


  promote Ain's youtube channel.=)

then, we (Ain n tph) as the host came with this awesome idea to play Werewolf!! ehehe..random gle je tp mmg fun yg tahap main mcm professionals..haha... 

mcm sume jd lawyer dri sndri aka utk defense dri sndri,    
"its not me la! im an innocent citizen..(wat muke seposen)"

criminal justice lawyer aka yg tuduh u r the werewolf! can be anyone including the werewolf sndri. 
 "u r the werewolf!! no2, i think its Ain, or maybe Jue? but not me ok!!! hahaha.."

and we learn a lot even from this simple, we must not focus on the problem but focus on the solutions aka think out of the box! like really! take into consider all obvious and hidden cues..don't juz simply tuduh owg lain without having the proof. hint? look closely all the possible werewolf faces and observed them! hehe..always trust your first instict! n yeah, above all we get to spent our time together to break the ice which have already melted into ABC or Cendol.ahhh..*drools*

ketika ini penulis sedang mengalami 'kayak lag' rse seakan2 msh dibuai arus air, cuba balancekan diri..

n today we went kayaking at the Cork Harbour!! bez!! very gud exercise for your Lattisimus Dorsi muscle n wrist, to balance yourself, lead yourself in a gud directions bukan msk shore, bkn langgar tembok 2 kali *bang*, bkn hmpr tersangkut kt boat lain, bkn langgar2 kayak mbr lain etc..hahaha..n when I think back, indeed its true. everyone is responsible to lead their own 'kayak' to either follow the right path or not. its your own choice! to go right, left, forward, backward or to fall?

but then achievement yg plg besar ialah we all (12 girls) xjatuh pong...hehe..hbt x? ( kening kiri naik mcm Ziana Zain) =))


  1. Macaroons nyer nmpk nice sgt... jealous la.. x pernah dpt secantik mcm ne kalau buat..mesti senget2...

  2. penulis boleh la update gambar dah ada.

  3. Salam alaik. Apa khabar penulis?
    Singgah belayar dri Lautan Rabbani.
    Moga terus maju jaya. :)