Thursday, 29 March 2012

lets muhasabah!!!!! =))

To know our strength is first to know your weakness!

dan falsafah ni sebenarnye tidaklah asing lg dlm Islam sndri sbb sme je konsepnye dgn muhasabah..
To take account  of oneself, that is, to undergo honest selfcriticism, is part of the Muslim practice al-muhasabah, or self-inventory.

According to the Companion Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, to engage in al-muhasabah is to "assess and adjudge yourselves before you are assessed and adjudged on the Day of Judgment, and to weigh out your deeds, before they are weighed out for you." Umar, a man of his word, reportedly used to whip his right foot at night and say to it "What have you done today?"
The notable first Islamic century sage, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, offers a more detailed explanation of al-muhasabah"A believer polices himself [or one might say, his own soul]. He assesses and adjudges [himself] for the sake of Allah.

Honest self-criticism is an important way to purify our souls and to light the path of blissful success. Allah states in His Book: "Truly he has succeeded who purifies it.And truly, he has failed who defiles it" [91:9-10].

misconception about muhasabah

ala..aku ok da..solat,puasa sume cukup ok la tu..
eh mne ade aku wt bnde2 lagha tuu..isk2..aku baik tau..
muhasabah? xcool la...muda lg kot..chill r..
aku xd mse la nk pikir2 psl  benda ni sume..busy ok..isk.
ala..yg lpas tu lpas la..wt pe nk pikir2 benda yg da lalu..move on dude!

ever come across this little misconceptions psl muhasabah? hmm..simple je muhasabah ni kan, psl take a moment reflect dri, reflect dosa2 kte dlu, dosa kat mak ayah kte, pikir sejenak ape yg aku da wt sepanjang hari ni etc..tapi kdg2 benda2 simple ni la kte mcm terlupa nk pikir..we take for granted. kdg2 kte gurau2 dgn mbr2 pastu biar je cmtu without having in mind nk apologise ke ape at least ckp "ala..aku gurau je..sorry r.".

reason why we tend not to muhasabah

  • ego yg tggi yg sampai one moment tu hang rse hang da perfect, xwt dosa ape da..hang rse selama ni hang anak yg soleh, solehah..alhamdulillah la kalau hang yakin tp at least xkan la sepanjang hidup hang, hang xpernah wt silap kat parents hang? buat muka ckt, lambat nyahut ble mk pggl, wt2 xdengar, mls nk wt kerja rumah, complaint etc?

  • rse muhasabah is a not cool thing to do..why? bcoz we don't understand about it. bcoz we could not differentiate between what is right/wrong.bcoz we don't want people think we are those people yg x cool..bcoz we care what people thinks more than what Allah thinks..

    ways to overcome this

    • So carefully questioning our actions-past and present- makes life easier because it makes the path to God, the path to peace, much smoother. It is redundant to say all human beings err, but not admitting our specific mistakes, now that is playing with fire.
    • An honest approach to our behavior is to willingly acknowledge the shortcomings in our actions and, at least to ourselves, the flaws in our character. 
    • Take note of our own deeds, with most of our focus on the actions we need to improve or eliminate, seeking forgiveness for all our substandard performance.
    • The next step entails planning to counteract these unfavorable tendencies until they are altogether eliminated.  Take heed! Without self-honesty, there is no muhasabah.

    The Qur'an tells us clearly and often that our books of deeds are like meticulously preserved records, precise chronicles of all that we ever said and did, righteous or not.With the exception of a rare few, everyone will stand witness in the Divine Judgment of their own earthly deeds.source

    Famous French proverb puts it: 
    "A fault denied is twice committed."

    P/S: bersediakah kte dgn buku catatan kte nanti?

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