Saturday, 31 August 2013

first week class. =p


Alhamdulillah, selesai minggu pertama kelas; Orthopaedic week. bez jgk minus jetlag part yg menyebabkan diri ni mengantok je almost everyday mse kelas pagi2. need to control on dat like seriusly.

so many things happened a week before I flew back to Ireland. demam sbb kne hujan mse redah hujan nk p kedai buku Kamal tu. as a result jd crancky dat last week, when in fact dat's the crucial week where I want it to be perfect; read happy moments with family. tp disebabkan masih xmatang, sebab demam bole jd crancky dgn parents sume. huuu.. I regret so much.

nevertheless, I tried to fix it. still trying though. guess what I'm not alone in this similar situation, E Von n some other friends had d same problems.I guess our mind haven't compute yet dat we gonna leave home very soon. hmm..but Alhamdulillah, other than that everything went smoothly for me. except bits n there, flight delay, bag delay etc.

one thing that I learnt is anything dat our parents did for us is for our own benefit. so, just agree with them or at least if you're not dun show dat face of not agreeing and most importantly dun argue much. because they r always right. mne tahu sbb mama duk remind myself to drink water 24/7 menyebabkan den sihat, mne tahu sbb abah suruh minum air daun kaduk tu dpt sejukkan badan etc etc. they took gud care of me juz like I was still their baby. love being pampered though. heee.. but, I guess from my point of view everything needs modesty. not too much, nor too less. but parents are just being parents.

so, Alhamdulillah fever subsided when I came to Ireland. eczema too because I realised I cannot be in hot weather for too long..heheh..or else eczema attack will come. so, another reason to stay n work here? hahah..still planning though. anyway, its gud to be back. minus the homesickness. its weird when they are right in front of u, u dun really appreciate much, but when they r away, suddenly u become appreciative of their presence. so, its true the heart grew fonder when apart. sob2..

so kids, pliz appreciate ur parents while they r still alive. always make habit to sedekah Al-Fatihah to them after every Fajr prayer, give them a call/text whenever u're free etc etc. n never be shy to admit ur mistakes n seek forgiveness from them. sob2

on a side note, I've entered 3rd year Alhamdulillah.. time flies so fast n I still remember the first day I flew to Ireland with Ain sume. n now we already 3rd year which means clinical years gonna start next week. hehe..gud news, the AUCMS students will continue staying here for the rest of 5 years which means we gonna graduate together In shaa Allahh..hopefully the med school will accomodate all of us including the GEM students well. hee..but then let us pray that my other friends will pass their Autumn exams n continue 3rd year also.

excited to have our juniors here. for the rest of the kids, pliz come back prepared to enjoy 2nd year. hehehe..till we meet again..all d bez in everything dat u you. =)

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