Wednesday, 6 July 2011

a daughter mother moment!

romantic moment with my beloved mother
                        Alhamdulillah, the short trip to KK with my mom was indeed fun and exciting! although I was expecting the whole family to come, but unfortunately my four brothers are busy and abah was really exhausted blk, my mom and I spent our time together as lovely daughter mother moment! hehe.we went to Muzium Sabah, Filipino Night Market and other places near the was a drama actually in finding the places. but, we improved a lot after each day. haha..and here are some tips that I've learned, helpful in getting your sense of direction kot.haha. your instict!
2.ask around.
3.look up for any huge signboards or trademark, near your destination and remember it.
4.widen your vision for those signs. patient and keep calm.
beautiful scenery near the beach.
                           The trip would not be complete without doing some shopping kan?, so yeah we shop! haha..but, mom was the one insisted me buying some quite expensive things, huhu..but then actually,  I was glad because there are in good quality.maybe coz its still new?? haha..anyway, we had so much fun shopping.haha..we ended the KK night with some fresh seafood (ikan bakar, baby lobster, kupang) near the beach. the ABC Avocado looks very appetizing but sadly didn't buy it coz having cough..sob3..but still homemade cooking is still my number one! sdp gle msk lemak ikan abah dgn terubok pekasam!

P/S: KLIA kot. haih..


  1. wahh wahhh.. gi bcuti kat overseas yaww! =D

  2. haha..over the sea je ejuts..hehe..=)