Tuesday, 19 July 2011

say thank you please!

christian cooke! =)
a simple thank you can make a big difference!

"thats the last time your dad said thank you for a cup of tea"(1973)
adapted from the Cemetry Junction..

feeling of frustrated, angry, and being left unappreciated is so trok kan? sometimes I wonder what makes some people feel so reluctant to say thank you..thank you je pon. its not that I'm being insincere or what, but its a matter of budi bahasa la. its a courtesy to deliver your words of appreciation la.

but, we ourselves as human, who always being gifted with nikmat yang melimpah ruah, do we ever have the urge to say at least thank you Allah..Alhamdulilllah. of course we do, but how often..sometimes, I myself being ashamed la.ashamed of being so forgetful..

Dan ingat pulalah ketika Tuhanmu memberikan pernyataan: "Jika kamu bersyukur pasti Kutambah nikmatKu kepadamu; sebaliknya jika kamu mengingkari nikmat itu, tentu siksaanku lebih dahsyat. (Ibrahim: 7) 

P/S: reunion esk! woot2..=)

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