Friday, 16 September 2011

diari cork 1..=)

ola!!!!!!!! hehe..alhamdulillah, da slamat sampai kt cork, ireland!!!!!!!! sejuk sgt, 8-13 degerees celcius..n windy n rainy most of the time jgk la..urm..after all those panic about luggage being overweight, imigresen n all, sampai jgk kt sini! the first few days mmg penat n hectic la nk setteld in kan..yela, flight je dlm 15 hours kot. 12 hours KL-London, 1 hour to kt heathrow tu letih jgk la imigresen sume tu..but, i managed der..tips2, jalan in group, ask around if in doubt, stay calm always, zikir n selawat byk2 n doa..insyaAllah, sume ok...=)
then, people here are very housemate ade 2 irish, 1 from china...dowg sume baik je n phm if kte explain psl culture kte about wet toilet ke not eating pork etc. but, do explain politely la. hehe..orientation was good kot, jln2 around campus in a large group of 40 i think..pas2, haa..psl food! alhamdulillah, from the day jejak kaki kt sini, seniors sgt la very the baik, supportive, n caring sbb bg mkn nasi ayam, pasta, nasi tomyam..its a warm community here named Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork(PPMC).

and yesterday baru dpt OHANA(family) baru consist of ain, me, nasrah, farahin n kak adnin yg cool!!!! =)
n yeah its a relieved feeling dpt housemate Norain Ishak ni aka KYUEMian, mbr naik ktm salu, mbr skype sume..n now da jd mbr msk!!!!!!!! woot2! n yeah..we cooked here! nasi goreng keju, sup sayur, sambal ikan bilis, n the list goes on! haha..n halah food sini byk je, Khan Store, Aishah store kot jual halal food sume tp kne p town la which is dlm 20 mins walk from Castlewhite apartment tempat tinggalku..=)

nex week start class, i hope it went well insyaAllah..perceptions kne tuka, kne wt crtical thinking, ask!, focus dlm class, if xphm record, n kne abeskan review wat u hav learned that day, n hav a good rest! medic gonna be tough, but think positive ok! so, tu je kot update so far..=)

terima kasih atas doa sume!!! =)

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