Friday, 30 September 2011

speak out loud! ade class clinical practice yg agk relax tp bez! sbb dpt refresh blk psl circulation of blood, CPR n etc..n learn a new thing for history taking anology: SOCRATES which is very interesting n looking forward for that...
Site - Where is the pain?
Onset - When did the pain start, and was it sudden or gradual?
Character - What is the pain like? An ache? Stabbing?
Radiation - Does the pain radiate anywhere? (See also Radiation.)
Associations - Any other signs or symptoms associated with the pain?
Time course - Does the pain follow any pattern?
Exacerbating/Relieving factors - Does anything change the pain?
Severity - How bad is the pain?

oh, dlm class td ckgu tu tanye soalan randomly kt sume owg, n aku mcm tau jawapan dia tp x tercakap sbb mcm ramai owg lain nk try jawab jgk. n at the same moment hati aku berdegup2 laju..haha..ok..itu weird. sbb lpas tu mmg terasa terkilan la asl aku x ckp je td as in speak the answer out loud?! 
mungkin sbb budaya kt malaysia or aku sendiri yg penakut sgt? isk2..ok..don't put the blame on others! hmm...lepas tu now ni mcm ade perang rakan serumah sikit..haha..dari insiden yg mop toilet tu smpai la ke use sparingly note kt washing liquid tu makes me feel so annoyed. haha..patutkah?
 i am so immature! huuuu..patut chill jela still come on? hmm..or maybe lepas ni aku kne jd direct mcm dowg jgk! if dowg bole ckp mcm2 why not aku? errrr..geramnye..mcm arak yg bersepah2 tu n maybe psl house chores..huuu,,  tbe2 je bole jd tension ngn bende2 remeh ni..adoi...xske2! aku rase yg plg baik ialah bersabar n at the same time speak out loud please because there will be a huge miscommunication later on if someone x ckp ape yg dia patut ckp and that will pile up into huge thing which aku xnk! so, jom speak out loud! hahah..
 P/S: mood swing..=/

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