Tuesday, 20 September 2011


malu bertanye? malu nk berkenalan? malu nk jmpe owg? peristiwa memalukan????? hmm..Sejak 2 menjak ni, ade je peristiwa yg memalukan diri sendiri..haih..sengal sgt la nk cte..ok..tp nk cte, malu tu normal tp kne la malu bertempat tau!!!!!!! haih..-.-

oh..im starting to miss people in msia!!!!!!!!!! ='/

today was the first class n officially im a medic student! haha..anatomy was very exciting, Dr Kathy is good n pretty. physio n person,culture n society was fine..haha..looking forward for next class..hehe..

n yeah, we malaysians are still in our comfort zone though.haih..maybe we are too collective? hmm..but, there was half of the class were malaysians kot! bangga der dpt big welcome from 2 lecturers td..haha..

anyway, lets juz hope for the bez! study hard n pray hard!

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