Tuesday, 24 April 2012

beware bad trendsetters!!!!

rehat sebentar bersama blog..hehe..ok..td bru tgk video Nouman Ali Khan psl bad trendsetters..bez! agk lama la 30 minits tp it's worth it.

gist video tu:

1.cultural slavery, societal pressure: to abide what society says..to always compare with others. what he has, i should have too.to fit in the crowd with same style of fashion, the way they communicate. to follow the tradition that is not in line with the deen like having super expensive wedding just to honour the society?

2. how  the bad trendsetters will cut you (trend followers) off on the Judgment Day even you have been the best follower. the most loyal fanatic fan etc. (xjmpe ayat yg dia mentioned dlm surah Al-A'raf)

3. so how are we going to control ourselves, our children, our society from becoming the society slaves? don't let your children to become trend followers!! cartoon sume bole ade impact mse besarnye.

4. be Allah's slave not the society's.

5.be a good parents especially fathers! talk, appreciate and spend time with your daughters bcoz the self-confidence get from dad is irreplaceable!play with your sons bcoz you are the best friend of your son.

6. follow the trend of Ibrahim who don't simply follow others. Ibrahim who worship Allah when everybody else was not.

p/s: don't just follow mindlessly!

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