Sunday, 29 April 2012

the evil side of music!!! (scary)

sehari tak dengar music rse mcm urghh, kosongnye jiwa?

bile bosan2, dgr music rse mcm perasaan bosan tu hilang

bile sedih2 or putus cinta ka, dgar music, kau rse mcm uhhhh, lagu ni memahami aku!!!

bile marah/tension dgn someone , then dgar music, kemarahan tu lega ckt sbb dpt expresskan lagi2 ble dgar lagu rock (sambil wt gaya pkul drum kuat2?)

ble happy tros psg lagu happy (sambil jari2 wt gaya main piano/guitar)

ble rindu someone ka, dga music, kau tros mcm uh lagu ni memahami aku der! sobs2..
dan mcm2..

n so it happened that i found this video Deen Show revealing the evil side of music! from a former musician Mo to Mohamed. please watch it eventhough it is long (30 minutes) but it's worth it, it may change your life too! kalau fb bole online 2 hours everyday apa la salahnye tgk video ni 30 minutes je pn..

yes, it sounds cliche yg mcm ala xkan kau xtau..dgar2 lagu rock sume tu x elok...yes, kte tau je tp we take it for granted yg smpi tahap kte rse spe x layan music ni mmg kuno! huh..(sceptical) n so kte xnk dilabel kuno, try search lagu2 baru yg mcm up-to-date? heh.or mungkin x, tp u hav a list of songs in your mp3, phone, ipod etc for certain mood? n it is part of your life? huh.

so, ape yg evil sgt music ni??????

first lets start with a quote from a very famous Greek philosopher,Plato: 

To be wary of the music that enters your society because it can destroy your whole society-moral, conducts everything!

  1. most of the songs have message "do watever u want!" which is totally against Islam.-brought by Aleister Cowley who is involved in human sacrifices, influenced Adolf Hitler, artists idola, wrote the Book of Law. on top of that, dia nk change people to become immoral!
  2. message like "do drugs, kill people, bisexual, premarital sex, don't listen to your parents, commit suicide n a long list to be written...which we take it for granted again! never! because music its the thing yg kte sng addicted to it, we keep on listening to it daily? hourly? first thing after u woke up, last thing before go to bed? huuuuuhhhh..bahaya wehhhhhh..
  3. artists nowadays take devils as their idol, they said the devils are their Lord.."they sold their sole"-to destroy people for Rock n Roll. a forum they sold their souls for Rock 'n' Roll .they used their body as a vehicle for syaitan to spread their ideology, to deviate people from God.
  4. music influenced our children!!!  it will go to the subconscious mind that will affect the future!

2:208: O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

jadi, saya menyeru marilah kte kurangkan and try stop dengar music yg lagha ni.. saya sedang cuba, dan merasai kesannye.anda bagaimana?

P/S: jom tuka playlist rock n roll tu ke ayat2 suci Al-Quran! =)

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