Wednesday, 1 June 2011

first timer.


                This is the first time im involved in blogging. I will try to make it simple and compact at the same time..The reason why I wanted to start blogging is that I would love to share my experience and learn new things from others. I will try to post fully in either Bahasa Melayu or English, to maintain the heritage of the language.haha.Yes, it sounds 'skema', so bear with me.I might not be good at this, but I will try to improve each time for our benefit.I'm open to any advice, critics or suggestion on how to exploit the benefit of blogging.

                 Enough of the introduction, I'm really looking forward for a real housetrip to penang,since there's a wedding there. And most importantly, to satisfy my cravy for APAM LENGGANG! hehe..till then, have a good day.


  1. tips! i spotted two BM words there, 'skema' & 'apam lenggang'. not fully english yet. hehehheheh =p

    menarik2.xsabar nk tggu updates seterusnya =D

  2. haha..dats why la..ssh la cmni..nantikan entri penang sye!!!!!=) yehaaaa..

  3. baru jumpe blog cik Pah ..

    suke, chantek !

    selamat berkongsi pengalaman dan menimba ilmu pengetahuan !