Friday, 24 June 2011

inspiring stories.

sejak da habis A-Level ni, tv jadi kwn karib..haha..boring jgk la..tp2, daripada sume cte kt tv, ade beberape yg mcm inspiring dan menyedarkan diri ni betapa besarnye nikmat Allah bg..alhamdulillah..

1. For Hope.
xtgk drpd awl, tp jln cerita sgt bez. cte psl a young woman who suffered from scleroderma.try read it .basically, its a connective tissue disease that involves changes in the skin, blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs. It is a type of autoimmune disorder, a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. cte uh inspiring gle sbb Hope sgt determined and always have a positive thinking that she will get better soon. the love from each of her family, son, brother, parents and her students were really touching. and to actually see the condition she suffered pn touching, kesian kot..juz imagine, one of us yg kne,hmm..can we handle it? ending? kne tgk sndri la..haha..

2.Born different
The special examines "inspirational stories of people who are living with extremely rare or debilitating medical disorders.". it shows how they adapt with their condition, how they being optimistic all the time, how they being determined and always have positive thinking no matter how bad they actually suffered. ade yg baby xbole tua (still nmpk umur 2 tahun eventho dia da 17 thn), ade kembar siam tercantum separuh bdn, ade Tree Man kt Indonesia, ade bdk yg lemak dia xd (so mke nmpk tua), ade owg kecik gle (3 kaki je tggi) dan mcm2 lg..feel free to cek it out .serius ble tgk, rse kesian mle2, tp lme2 tgk rse WOW! dowg walaupn kekurangan, dlm kekurangan dowg still dowg sgt bersyukur. and semangat juang yg tggi tu mcm WOW! rse mcm dri ni kerdil je sbb kdg2 ble dmam ckt ke, rse mcm ape je.padahal owg kt luar tu lg suffer trok2..isk2..

so, marilah kte sme2 memanjatkan kesyukuran pada Ilahi atas segala nikmat yang diberi.Alhamdulillah.=)
P/S: semangat baru! =)

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