Sunday, 19 June 2011

EOS & Awards Day.

EOS-chem classmates-mis qilah-ain-mis aizan
                      EOS was indeed exciting with all the amazing food especially ABC! video presentation from each house and beloved housemaster Dr. Ravi were ex hilarious! the night ended with photo session. although it was not according to plan of being random that night, we had so much fun kot. but still thats a slight regret because EOS supposedly the night where randomness is acceptable. but, hmm xd rezeki la katakan..haha..but there was still some achievement! haha..then rush to GH for helping teachers with the stage decoration. stayed for 1.30 am, and yes it was so exhausting but fun at the same time.

mara scholar-eju-chaletmates-kwn2
                    On the Awards Day itself, I felt nervous, excited, frustrated, sad, and mix feelings. Something happened the day before and totally ruined my mood. oh, I'm so sensitive perhaps.I need to be stronger next time and should not be easily deterred by anything. hmm..its a lesson I should learn indeed.after all the speech, awards giving ceremony, and lunch, went back quickly to get my things out into the car. Gladly, Abdul was there to offer his hand.hehe..thank you tuk abah jgk. but there's a feeling of something being left!
with beloved parents!
                     Arrived home safely, and found out there was something left! oh no! the most precious thing:the cert received! sandal and few other things! I was so clumsy.hmm.should have packed my things earlier and be calm..but it was so crowded you see..I just could not stand it, padan la mke..isk2..But not to worry, my beloved petsis found the cert! alhamdulillah sgt2..what a drama that day kn? so thats it! haha..
till we meet again my friends, insyaAllah.

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