Thursday, 9 June 2011

a short blog for a short trip.


                      My mission to eat Apam Lenggang aka Apom Maneh Teloq achieved! Alhamdulillah..hehe..the trip to penang was indeed enjoyable. We went to Jelutong Market, Chowrasta Market, and of course the wedding. And we bought a lot of things especially food, i mean really good food like nasi kandar, my favourite apom, pulut udang, pulut durian and a long list to be written. so, yeah i think i've gain weight maybe 3 kilos?! argh..huhu..

                      The company of my mak tok, tok wan, abah, mama, mak ngah's family, and mak long's family was a vivid memory.I am so going to miss them. hmm..Being the only car with plat number N-- 8--- at penang was also quite challenging as we were not familiar with the road. But, allhamdulillah we arrived safely there. Along the way, Tok Wan said "tak pa banyak jalan nak pi" ( its ok because there's more than one way to go there). When I think deeper of what he's saying, it is true.

local handcrafts at Sungai Perak R&R
                    In this world there are many path to be chosen. different people choose different path. Its all the matter of choosing the right path. To go on not to go, to sleep or not to sleep, to read or not to read, its all depends on us!so, make a good choice of your life!

till then, have good day! =)
P/S: sorry for the imperfect English..huhu..


  1. hah makan jek!!! g study alevel tu.. =p

  2. hoho, org da abes exam la katakan, bese lah tu ..

    nk jugakk segala aneka makanan itu ..
    cik Pah masak kan nnt buleh? =p

  3. ada: a-level da abes d way, time g penang ni ade tggl paper bio lg..haha..selamba je ak g jln
    cik izzati: hehe..mesti.penang kot! bole2..nk mkn ape?? kne ade resepi la..hehe..=)